EBook – what would it mean? Review of new products. Three of the best! Video! The battle of readers!

A modern home library is not much different from a library 50 or even 100 years ago. Books, shelves, dust. But in our world, there is one essential feature – technological progress. Now any book can be formatted and digitized, download a multi-volume novel in a small box and enjoy your favorite work outside the walls of your cozy home! What is it – now I can take my whole home library with you on a trip! The box that allows you to do this is the e-book. You can forget about boundaries – an ebook bike, an ebook train, what’s next? And then the electronic book yacht, plane … Space! Everywhere at home, with your favorite pages.

Here is our review! Quickly, efficiently, the very essence!

What is an ebook? What is the best e-book? I think there are several. Here are my favorites – these new products in 2019 are the best, most modern, technological, reliable. And, most importantly, they are individual for everyone! They understand you, they know your convenient positions, your preferences, your hobbies.

Kindle Paperwhite-style and reliability!

What is a good book? My acquaintance with her began with the Kindle Paperwhite. I used this device for more than six months and I liked absolutely everything! Fair! Judge for yourself!

The form is ideal for books, it can be easily folded into a bag, folder, pocket, backpack. A stylish thing, subtle, not to mention the image quality, clarity of letters and the highest screen resolution. There is a page-turning button, which is very convenient!

For starters, this book is surprisingly easy to set up. You can do it yourself in just 10-15 minutes. Quite a lot of settings can be customized – font, spacing, bold, clarity, light, hue, and more.

I wear glasses and for me a careful attitude to the eyes – first of all. This e-book is equipped with various applications and features that let you take this into account.

Kindle Paperwhite supports all print formats, and more! A large selection of formats will allow you to download books from various sources, which expands the boundaries of your capabilities. And a very convenient feature is to convert the print format to speech in seconds. Here you are in your car in front of the gym, finished reading the proposal, and it’s time to train, time! Switch the book to sound mode and the treadmill!

You do not break away from the “reading”, even if you ride a bike, ride the subway or swim in the pool! This e-book model has a waterproof case, and can be completed in water up to 60 minutes! That was a revelation to me. Now I can read in the bathroom, which was not always pleasant with a regular book.

The Wi-Fi function also has a very nice bonus. It is clear that through the network you can download books, listen to audio using headphones. The developers of the book went further! As the owner of the Kindle Paperweight, you can enable a special feature and enjoy free cellular service! It has helped me more than once, citing an ebook, talking on the phone, and at the same time viewing the text, which is always at hand, in my opinion, is brilliant.

ebook bike search

In the new version of the Kindle, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the battery life. With the economical use of the book and the proper energy-saving mode, the charge can last up to 6 weeks! You can safely travel from New York to Philadelphia by train through Hamilton, and not be afraid that you will be left without a favorite book on the road!

I recommend watching this video review! Enjoy watching!

Kindle Oasis – Bright, Dynamic! Fresh look at the book!

I would not dare to part with the Paperwhite version, but it was my Birthday and my wonderful friends who remembered all this on time. Knowing me a book hunter, including an the ebook hunter, they decided to give me a gift – an oasis. The story is that it is almost impossible to find a gift on the eve of the holiday. Friends ordered the reader via the Internet, in a famous store. Moreover, the goods received a good discount! What was their surprise when the parcel was delivered to the address in the morning! Thanks to the Internet, discounts and delivery, I got a super book! Helen, Bob, thanks!

This model has all the same as the previous one, but …

The first thing that pleases is the style! Convenient to hold with one hand when turning pages! You seem to be holding the spine of a real printed book in your hand. By the way, the fact that in this case, the hand is not important. There is an automatic screen rotation. Touch screen, you get used to it right away! The text on the page fits more, the screen is bright and clear. Delight in ease of use!

The amount of internal memory in my ebook reader readers more – 32 GB. And I signed up for Audible, and I can listen to books performed by celebrities, ensembles. Just read and download Grammy Award books. This helps a lot, especially when the question arises – what else can be read.

The Oasis model helps me a lot in my work. Often in books, you need to look for passages, drafts, the right paragraph or even line. It is easy to do here. The most important thing is that you do not need to write on paper. Easily export notes and notes from books directly to email or anyone. It’s convenient to have exactly what you need right at hand, agree! It is very pleasing that the notes can be saved in PDF format, which is easy to print and can be in the form of a simple file, which can then be opened in any application.

Back to my points. It is important to me that my eyes do not get tired when reading for a long time. Unlike backlit devices that glow directly in the eye, the Kindle directs light to the display surface with built-in front lighting. You can read comfortably for as long as you want!

Another innovation is the ease of translation of words and passages of text. Highlight the text and press the desired function, instantly translate into Spanish, Japanese and any other language. Also in the text, you can select the desired word and look about it in Wikipedia or the dictionary.

Here is a video review of this e-book! Take the time to make the right choice!

Kobo Forma is my father’s choice! Brutal and powerful!

I can’t help but focus on this model of e-book, and here’s why! Firstly, this is the choice of my father, who simply does not part with Kobo. Secondly, it is also a very powerful, stylish and bright thing, which is quite worthy to fit into my review.

Kobo Forma peruser is intended for genuine admirers of perusing: the individuals who like to peruse for a considerable length of time and need to have a lightweight and versatile gadget as an option in contrast to substantial paper books. The tablet has a case with water security and is furnished with an 8-inch screen with an advantageous revolution of the picture from representation to scene mode.

Another phase in the plan of Kobo perusers

Kobo Forma effectively consolidates a lightweight secured case and an enormous 8-inch e-ink Carta HD screen. This model grows the conceivable outcomes for perusing from an electronic gadget. Turning pages is finished utilizing the catches on the screen. The instance of the peruser is shielded from water as per the IPX8 standard. There is a programmed revolution of the screen with the goal that the client can peruse books in both vertical and level directions.

ComfortLight PRO backdrop illumination with customizable light shades

The backdrop illumination on Kobo Forma with customizable shade from blue to orange enables you to serenely peruse both during the day and at night or around evening time. Sunlight transforms into night dusk, and the brilliance and shade of the sparkle ComfortLight PRO change and quiet, so that before heading to sleep perusing with Kobo Forma adds to an agreeable nod off.

Clear, 8 inch HD show

Kobo Forma’s 8-inch contact screen superbly emulates genuine paper, it ensures the total inclination that you are perusing a genuine book. Kobo Forma show utilizes lattice E-ink Carta HD with a goal of 1440 × 1920, it doesn’t glare in the sun and doesn’t tire the client’s vision during long perusing. The enormous, 8-inch show holds more letters and is increasingly advantageous for understanding course readings, represented books, and specialized writings.

A month on a solitary charge of the battery and 8 GB of memory

8 GB of inner memory on Kobo Forma holds roughly 6000 books in electronic structure. On one charge, the peruser can labor for a little while the released battery will once in a while intrude on your perusing. Peruser settings give all the fundamental choices to arranging and choosing books, just as enable you to alter the text dimension and other content parameters.

Watch the video review of Kobo Forma!

It is very interesting to watch the battle video. Just like my dad and I are constantly arguing, here is the “fight” – which is better from these e-books! See who wins!

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