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How do organize books in my small home library?

Can I build a home library with a small budget?

How to increase the space on the bookshelf?

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How to organize a book? How do organize books in my small home library?

There are several ways to organize your books and other items in your home library. Books can be ordered:

1. Alphabetical order: best if you have the option to list books by author, or title. This method will take a fairly large amount of time. Simplify the task will help a spreadsheet in which you just write the author and the title of the book, then arrange everything automatically, and get a ready list.

2. Arrange by subject or genre: this is very popular and makes it easy to find books.

3. Arrangement by color: this serves mainly an aesthetic purpose.

4. Ordering by size. This method involves placing large books at the bottom of your shelves.

As for organizing other items in your home library, you can just put them between books.

Can I build a home library with a small budget?

Of course, Yes. You can easily build a small home library by spending $ 100 to $ 800. The main thing is to focus on the storage of books, there are many shelf options at an attractively low price. As soon as You decide on the books, everything will fall into place, and it will be clear where to place your favorite eared cross, Ottoman, family floor lamp and a photo of your favorite dog. In all this, money is not required at all, just your nice time for cute stuff. All missing interior items, as well as racks and cabinets,  can be found in the famous online store. Choosing a product there, pay attention to the reviews of other buyers and ratings, it will help you to spend money correctly, without disappointment. After purchasing shelves or cabinets, pay attention to accessories for your home library, interior items for comfort and harmony. This is important for the right atmosphere of the place to read and self-improvement.

How to increase the space on the bookshelf?

Here are some tips to make your bookshelves bigger and roomier.

1. If the room allows, then make the shelves initially higher, so if necessary, the books can be put on top. For example, those volumes that you are reading now, or from which you write out quotes.

2. Carefully review your books. I am sure that in your library, as in any other, there are books that are not very popular with members of your family, and with which you can easily part. Put such books aside, put them in boxes, or put them up for sale. So you will not only be able to find a place for new collections but also to replenish the family budget.

3. Books can be stored not only on the shelves. There are tables, bedside tables that can be used in the interior of the home library. Pay attention to the chair with niches for storing books – a very interesting option. And if for the classical style, perhaps, such a chair will not be quite appropriate, then for all other areas in interior design, such an object of furniture can become a separate work of art, a bright Central accent.

4. Choosing cabinets for books, you can consider the option with drawers from the bottom. They are also, as a rule, very roomy. In them, you can remove books that you rarely use. You can also remove subscriptions of Newspapers, favorite magazines, children’s comics.

What color for the library to choose? The best color for the home library!

The best color in the interior has always been considered white. It will never go out of fashion, white is always relevant, fresh, young and gives a sense of novelty. Of course, to make the interior with books perfectly white is unlikely to succeed, the relief of bookshelves will dictate it’s shades-dark blue, brown, gray, blue. See what shade prevails in your book collection. In any case, the white walls will need to attach to the General style, for example, that you hang graphic paintings or favorite photos. On the floor lay a carpet with a small pattern in the English style and put a rocking chair made of dark wood at the window with blue curtains. Take white as a basis, and this blank sheet will help you draw your ideal picture of a home library-a place where dreams come alive.

Where to put the old books?

Even the most avid book lover and this happens-where to put the old books that are not needed in the new library. It can be, of course, they accounted for clauses reception waste paper, pint in the library alongside you can provide school or College (if such practiced you have in the city of). But there is a better option. You can use old books in the decor. Here are some decorating ideas. Old books will look very unusual, create the right atmosphere, with the right lighting you can make a real art object in your home library.

What to do with magazines when there are a lot of them?

In this age of Internet and progress, many people still resort to magazines. Subscribe to publications for children, where a lot of interesting and informative tasks for students to prepare for entrance exams, or for needlewomen for sewing clothes or making knitted products. Magazines in print are needed to always be a friend, and create a sense of collection in the house. When they become a lot-it creates problems. The solution may be to file magazines by year, by month, by topic, by issue. At the same time, they can be made with their own hands, using a creative approach and decorate, you can give to the printer and order a professional hardcover. In any case, our selection of photos on the topic will prompt you to the right decision in the matter of storing your favorite magazines and Newspapers.

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