Library as a separate house style!

Having a library in the house says a lot! How to make your library speak correctly about you?

We look a lot on the Internet for design options. We choose from a variety of ideas that are suitable for use in size, color, and wallet. This also applies to the home library. I don’t know about you, but for many of my friends the library is not just a place to read books, it is also a special atmosphere of the house, a special style and even an integral part of the living space a modern decent man. Having a library in the house says a lot! How to make your library speak correctly about you?

Decorating the books themselves

You can add a special style to your home’s design with more than just bookshelves. You can even say that the very presence of books in a house or apartment is a special style and special design. It just needs to be issued. With a small budget, you should consider designing the books themselves! Of course, it looks very exotic, and many preservatives do not agree with this approach at all. But look at how it might look.

Also, for the laconic shades of the overall space of the room, such bright accents can be very appropriate.

Books as decoration, book design

The books on the walls look amazing, new. Of course, not everyone will accept this, given this blasphemy of style – these are books, and you attach them to the wall! But what if books don’t suffer at all? You can make photo wallpapers and get a luxurious result at the lowest cost. You can also make a collage of bright covers, color illustrations from your favorite works.

How to make books beautifully

Placing books on a shelf is also a decoration of the room as a whole. This can be compared with the selection of clothes – someone has a taste and sees raisins in ordinary things, while someone in the presence of branded items does not know how to dress properly. It’s the same here. The location of books at home should be different from the library. You are in charge of your home and you do not have to follow a clear map when it comes to design. The main thing here is style. Here are a few options – in color, texture, size.

Decoration in knowledge. Essential collections for your home library.

How to impress the special guests who come to your home? Imagine that a guest enters the living room, sees a cozy corner of your home library, and … of course, it’s suitable to see what is there. Having certain books can tell as much as your surroundings. Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. If your library has a lot of collections, and rare editions – this can tell about you as a person who is purposeful, constant, reliable and used to put an end to it.

Fake, or – when cheating is useful … for design.

We have already talked about design hype even in this article. Of course, you should also use this technique correctly. If this applies to individual small areas, yes. If the reception of a fake library is the basis of your interior, then definitely not. You will not make such an impression, and the interior will not bring the desired effect.

And by tradition, we have found for you some entertaining videos with the interiors of home libraries, from which you can get some ideas for your home!

And some very interesting ideas! We hope you enjoyed the article, waiting for your ideas and comments!

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