Library in passing. When there is no place in the apartment? Video rearrangement of the place.

The ideal place for a cozy space for reading, of course, a separate room, a small office where there is a window overlooking the snow-covered garden. Of course, this is a fantasy, and not everyone has a window with this view. Most people who dream of their library, like me, are forced to proceed from what they have. And to keep your collection of favorite books in a separate room is a luxury, and to leave them gathering dust in boxes is unacceptable negligence and irresponsibility. About the negligent treatment of books, we will talk in other posts!

So, what do we have after analyzing our home for free space?

If there is a small niche left after the renovation in the living room – it’s perfect! If there is a place near the window where you can place a couple of cabinets – also great! There is much to work on.

If not-we offer a couple of places “in passing”! These are places where you can not only attach your favorite novels but also effectively complement the design, using your collection of books.

Place # 1-Hallway.

We’re used to seasonal clothes hanging here and everyone leaving their umbrellas. But recently, in the design world, more and more we are talking about decorating the hallway interior and design things-paintings, figurines, vases. After all, as a theater begins with a beautiful hall, so a person’s house should begin with a magnificent hallway. An interesting solution can be a rack with books. A large number of books, well-groomed and arranged-will add brightness and mystery to the space of the hallway.   Why not? In this library, I find only advantages:

+ when you came home and already know what you will read later

+ to you came visitors, and with threshold appeared common themes for discussion, for example, a volume of favorite poems.

Place # 2 – the corridor.

The space of the corridor can be used anywhere, of course, if the width allows you to accommodate a small rack. It can be a corridor between rooms, a small hall on the second floor.

The only place where, perhaps, it is not necessary to accommodate a library, is a corridor outside the kitchen. Books, like all paper products, it is easy to absorb odors. And even if you have a good hood, but with a long placement near the source of odors and high humidity, your volumes can suffer. What is a good corridor for the library?

+ does not require a lot of repair and placement costs-bought shelves, or finished racks within $100, and ready

+ do not arrange near the bed blockage of books that you have begun to read. Just put these books in the hallway on a separate shelf, go back-take again.

+ the space of the corridor will become much more interesting

Place # 3-before entering the room.

Yes! You can select almost the entire area before entering the room. Touch the top of the door too. In addition to the kitchen, it can be the entrance to the living room, it is appropriate to use the entrance in front of the office or bedroom.  This design solution also looks very impressive. The space seems complex, filled, modern, but with a touch of intelligent antiquity.

The advantages of this location of the library are obvious!

+ saving on repairs and organization of space – the room itself will tell you how to arrange the shelves

+ if you have space allows you to accommodate a rack or wardrobe, it will give solidity to the design of the room, will bring the right mood

+ convenience of arrangement of books can be combined with functionality! How? You ask!

If such a door to the bathroom from your bedroom, it is quite appropriate, as it hides some of the shortcomings of the interior. But if it’s the door to the only bathroom in your apartment, then there are questions! With such a creative approach, your guests will be looking for a restroom for a long time… We’ll have to reveal the cards and show ourselves.

We offer you to watch a few videos on how to remake the premises-make them impractical quite functional and comfortable space. At the same time in the video we are not talking about books, but such alterations are quite appropriate for the placement of books!

And you can also watch a video about the secret rooms that we found most useful. We are waiting for your ideas on where else you can place your home library if the apartment has no place for this!

In the next video, how to make a door handle from a book.

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